Seller Stress!

By: Wayne Clements

Does anyone remember the 1991 William Hurt film, The Doctor? In it, Hurt plays a doctor who, diagnosed with cancer, develops a new sympathy for his patients.  I feel like I could star in the 2017 rip off called “The Realtor!

Janice and I are selling our house and it has given me a whole new appreciation for what my clients go through.  Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely involved in the listing process with my clients, but I obviously don’t live in their house to see all the chaos prior to listing, nor the disruption and frustration clients experience while on market.  Sound familiar?

From the minute you set a listing date and schedule the photographer, it is a mad scramble to de-clutter and find new and innovative places to hide your junk so your house looks as large and as beautiful as possible.  We had no idea how much stuff we had, not to mention that we could fill a storage unit and a double garage with it.  Every time you empty a closet or shelf you realize the walls around it need to be patched and painted.  And you ask yourself…do we still have that paint?

Once on market, you have to contend with showings at dinner (almost always), buyers who don’t show up and agents who don’t call to cancel.  Then there’s the buyers who eat your candies, use your washrooms and dirty your clean towels with greasy hands (true story) and the strangers’ kids who jump on your beds (also a true story).  Would you let your kids do that in a strangers’ house?  I have to bring my frozen Keurig in from the garage every time I want to have a coffee (because removing it de-clutters the counter) only to have to wait 15 minutes for it to thaw.  Selling our house without coffee is not an option in my world.

My takeaways from the experience? 

1) We (and I mean 90% of us) have waaayyyyy too much stuff.

2) Selling sucks and every day feels like a week, so price your house right and minimize your days on market. 

3) I have an increased empathy for my clients when they complain about the lack of sleep, sore backs and all of the inconveniences of selling. 

4) I wonder who would play me in the Hollywood version of ‘The Realtor’?



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