Janice's Holiday Favourites

By: Janice Clements

I’m sure you’ve had it happen to you. While opening a box of decorations that’s been neatly tucked away in storage, you come across ornaments that your kids made when they were little, or perhaps you find the keepsake ornament your grandmother or mother passed down to you. It’s hard to resist soaking in the memories that come flooding back when these items get unpacked for another holiday season, regardless of how tattered or torn they might be. 

In fact, here’s what I know for sure: Christmas is my favourite time of year because it presents me with opportunities to reflect on the year and to consider how far we as a family have come together. Our family has changed... drastically. This Christmas our extended family is blessed with new members who bring joy to, and enhance our family dynamic. Our children have headed into the years where they’re starting to live away from home, starting to create their own lives, to find their people. It’s tough not to feel an emotional tug while looking at the handmade ornaments they brought home from school when they were little children. 

Call me sentimental, but Christmas decorating shouldn’t be just about making your home look festive. I could give you a laundry list of beautiful seasonal items that will make your home look its best, but I am a firm believer that the decorating process should make you feel something besides frustration while trying to untangle strings of lights. With this in mind, here are my favourite “things” this holiday season: 

• Listening to my husband make calls to his clients for no other reason than to wish them a safe and happy holiday. 

• Spending a cold Saturday morning as a family cutting down our Christmas tree. 

• Hanging the old ornaments that the boys made when they were young. 

• Buying baby clothes for the newest, tiny member of our extended family. 

• The warmth I feel when we deliver food we’ve collected for the food bank. 

• A log on the fire and the Christmas tree twinkling during Friday night cocktail hour. 

• Picking up our son from school to bring him home for Christmas 

• My annual visit to the butcher to pick up the turkey. 

• Telling the story about the Christmas dinner that almost didn’t happen when our stove caught fire. 

• The looks on my sons’ faces when they realize baking season has begun in our home. 

• The annual “Festivus” Christmas dinner with our closest friends. 

• Not being able to hear myself think because of the noise at our annual family Christmas dinner. 

My wish for you this holiday season is that decorating your home gives you some time to slow down, to reflect on the year that was, to acknowledge how things have changed, and to enjoy the days when you can gather close to you those you love most.



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