The House is Underway!

By: Janice Clements

This year, Wayne and I took the giant step of deciding to purchase a new family home. Our intention was to buy an existing property and if need be renovate the home to our taste. We were optimistic and excited to be actively looking for our next home. We found a number of properties we loved, but lost in bidding wars several times – caught up in the recent multiple-offer-mayhem of the real estate market.
Honestly, we became sceptical that we would find what we were looking for. We made the decision to broaden our search to include vacant land with the idea of building a home that suited our needs.
While some may think building a custom home is an expensive venture, we were able to find a homebuilder whose prices were reasonable and whose ‘standards’ met a quality level we were comfortable with.
We started the process with a set of house plans that the builder had already drawn up and in the interest of keeping our costs down, we simply changed the existing plans to reflect our personal space requirements.
For us, building a home offered several benefits – it allowed us a choice of properties, flexibility in the final design, unlimited finish choices with our budget in mind, all while having control over the quality of the build.
The process of building a home can be a challenge. It can be stressful and intimidating. Allow us to show you the ropes. From getting our existing home on the market to the big moving day, The Clements Home Team will be your guide to selling, buying and building.
As professionals in the business we want to share our custom home building journey. Follow our blog as we reveal all of the good and bad of this process. We hope it helps you with the decision-making process that leads you to finding your forever home.
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