Get that 2018 Project Underway!

By: Janice Clements

It’s January and as sure as the snow is white, my office phone has started ringing with calls from homeowners interested in designs for their upcoming renovation projects.

Don’t be fooled by the television renovation programs that seem to wrap up an entire project up in an hour. Renovation shows lie.  Why? Well, because it makes good TV.

While these shows can provide wonderfully creative ideas to inspire you during your renovation, they rarely define the time period over which the project occurs nor the true budget involved in the completion of the work.

At this time of year, you may find it’s too late to schedule a renovation to happen during the winter months (unless you plan on doing the work yourself).  If you are starting your planning now, the actual renovation work will likely happen closer to the spring.  Between lining up contractors, doing design work and revisions, obtaining pricing and permits, the planning process can take weeks or months to finalize.  Don’t let the idea of weeks of planning deter you.  The more you plan, the smoother the project will go.

Depending on the supplier, kitchen cabinet orders can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks... a significant variance in production dates that can have a huge impact on your renovation schedule if not planned properly. 

The size of your renovation and the homeowners ability to reach timely decisions on finish selections will largely determine how much time will be required to do your planning.  If your renovation is structural in nature, you will need to consider timelines required to approve all drawings by your town's building permit department.  This timeline has been known to take in excess of a week and assumes that no changes to your drawings will be required and that there are no issues with the plans or the property itself.

Renovators, builders, trades and designers who are good at what they do often book 6 months to a year out, so be prepared to plan your schedule accordingly if you have someone in particular you'd like to work with.  A rushed job is almost guaranteed not to go smoothly.



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