Home Values

By: Janice Clements

Wayne and I are constantly talking to people about the value of their homes and how they compare to other properties in their neighbourhood. Most of our clients seek advice on what improvements are required to make their homes their best and keep them comparable to those around them.

The decision to make improvements varies depending on what your long-term plans are for your home. Consider dividing home improvements into two categories: 1) Value improvements and, 2) Aesthetic improvements.

Value improvements are larger tickets items that should only be undertaken if you have significant time and budget to allocate to the project. Major kitchen and bathroom renovations, additions, window replacements, and the like.

In fact, I believe that larger renovations to your home should only be done if you're going to live in the house long enough to enjoy the changes. Why make significant changes only to hand them over to someone else to enjoy?

Aesthetic changes, are improvements that you can make in the short-term to show your house in its best light. If you don't want to spend a lot of money, consider cleaning up garden beds, a fresh paint job, swapping out old lighting, removing wallpaper, repairing window coverings, etc... Smaller changes can have a dramatic impact on the way your house is seen both online and by potential buyers.

Do you want your home to look and feel it's best? Contact Wayne or I at your convenience to discuss the next steps on preparing your home for sale. In the meantime, check out these 20 value-adding home renovation ideas.



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