Are you Hungry this Morning?

By: Janice Clements

I woke this morning and completed my regular ritual, part of which is coming down to the kitchen, grabbing a big glass of water, a yogurt-with-fruit-breakfast and a daily probiotic. I do this same thing each and every morning, save and except for when my boys are both at home or we have guests staying the weekend.

If you've been to our home and have stayed the night, it's likely you have been forced to endure what has for me become a weekend ritual of it's own - the Big Breakfast. Serving people a big breakfast and having them linger around, relaxing and talking about the night before has become one of my favorite things in life. Spoiling our guests is potentially my single biggest joy. For me, it's sort of like Christmas morning.

Wayne and I have worked very hard over the years and have allowed ourselves the luxury of making a home that reflects who we are and how we want to live. At the heart of our home is our kitchen and for me, the more people we jam into it, the merrier. It looks it's best and is my greatest design when it is full of the people we love the most. 

This Sunday morning, we spent some much needed time with family at the Cottage Life Show. The Big Breakfast was put on the back burner (pardon the pun) as we wandered the aisles of the show, checking out what's new and cool in cottage attire, bells and whistles. I commented to my sister-in-law Louise how I thought the very existence of the show, the nature of the businesses that exhibited there, spoke volumes about the luxury of having disposable income. 

No sooner did I make this comment than we came upon an exhibitor that I did not expect to see, but was grateful to learn more about. It was a clothing company called Tenfed.

Based in Toronto, Tenfed is on a mission to help feed as many hungry children as possible. The two gentlemen who manned the booth were selling great t-shirts, hats and a number of other items that were simple, classic and understated. For every Tenfed item sold, TEN meals are provided to help feed hungry children around the world, including here in Canada. So, what did I do? I walked by.

Yep. I said it. I. WALKED. BY.

Why? I had my hands full. Yep. I said that too.

Me. The person who is a self-admitted force-feeder, walked by a booth that helps feed those who are truly in the greatest need.

But, the brief conversation I had with these gentlemen, and the hunger crisis that I know full well is happening in our communities and in the communities of our indigenous neighbours, impacted me. And so, this morning, I sit here with my yogurt-and-fruit as I write this blog. I have just gone on their website www.tenfed.org and ordered what I should have bought at the show. 

I committed myself this morning to try to help these gentlemen by spreading the word about their organization because they are working to make the world a better place for those who need the most help.

From the inspiring words from their website, "Tenfed is about more than just clothing - it's about inspiring people to go out and make the world a better place while becoming the best version of themselves. It's about having some fun and enjoying the gift of life that so many of us take for granted. We're fortunate to live in a country where we have a roof over our head and plenty of food - so let's celebrate and enjoy these gifts while making it possible for those in need to one day soon enjoy some of the same priviledges."

I hope you can take a moment to drop by their site and order yourself or your loved ones a nice t-shirt (I can vouch for them, they're super soft), a hat or a candle. It's a small thing. But it's something to do on this crisp, bright Canadian morning to help out. Just a wee bit. 

It's the least I can do given how blessed I feel to live in a country that allows me to continue to feed those I love the most. 

I hope you'll help.



PS: If you're a yoga enthusiast, this company will be exhibiting at the upcoming Yoga Show in Toronto see the website events page for more details.

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