Tips & FAQs

Never Worked with a Decorator Before?  We'll help answer your questions.

FAQ: How much do decorating services cost?

The short answer is: it depends.  

Much of the cost of decorating services is driven by how quickly you the client make decisions about finish selections.  The quicker the decisions, the shorter the process.  

We can provide you with an estimate of the hours we think it will take to complete your project.  Contact us to find out how.


FAQ: I want to decorate but can't do my entire house at once.  Do you do small jobs as well as large?

While we manage many large renovations and full-home decorating projects, many of our clients prefer to work on their home one room at a time.  These are our favourite projects!  

Designing and decorating one room at a time allows homeowners to focus on each and every detail of a single space, resulting in a space that is highly personalized.  

Contact us to discuss your smaller project.


FAQ: I'm thinking about renovating, but am still considering moving to a new home.  How can you help?

Deciding whether to renovate your home or sell it can be an overwhelming and complex decision.  There are so many choices to make, and so many things to consider often in little time.  We'll help you find the answer that's right for you.

Wayne can provide you with a free market evaluation of your property and information on potential new properties while we simultaneously determine the investment required in your current property to make it perfect for you.

Check out our Buy, Sell, Invest link to see how Clements Interiors can help.


"Janice is always at ease, listening to every idea or concern or need. She then efficiently and effectively incorporates it into a plan that is always carried out on time, within budget and very little disruption to our family life." - Shannon, Aurora